The bridges in this book are arranged in an alphabetical order according to the nearest town or village. The website is a fundamental companion to the book, where you can find all the bridges on a clearly arranged map of Slovakia. More explicit information and their co-ordinates are at your disposal in the book. Here you can find different kinds of bridges built by different technologies in different times, so it should serve as an inspiration for bridge constructors. They must realize, that if we do not construct bridges to the liking of the majority (maybe also thanks to some details), our work will never be appreciated enough.
Not even if we create structurally ideal masterpieces. This fact was also acknowledged by one of the most famous bridge constructors of the 20th century Othmar H. Ammann by a statement “It’s a crime to build an ugly bridge.”

The book has been awarded in 2015 by the Slovak Literary Fund Award in the category of books from the field of natural and technical sciences. At the same year it has also been chosen by the Happypontis from U.K. to the top 10 books about bridges worldwide. Book reviews could be also found at The book is available for FREE in PDF version (43 MB).  Hard copy of the book could be sent uppon request. Click here to order a hardcopy of the book